Sunday, July 29, 2012

The girls are 8 weeks old today.

Once again, I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been too concentrated on spoiling and loving on the girls and of course last minute to-do's for my wedding that I've neglected the blog.

The girls and Cami are doing well. I'm going to be so sad to see them go back next week!! They are big time mama's girls and are actually still nursing from Cami!! She's been such a good mama.

My little Gemma is going to need a very special owner.. She's got a bit of a disability. It sounds like she's got cerebellar hypoplasia. She walks really funny and is very clumsy. I thought she was just a clumsy baby kitten at first, but its obvious that she isn't going to grow out of it. She doesn't know that she's different and is just a happy, playful kitten. She tries to run and ends up hopping, it's so cute! Everyone that's met her is totally smitten with her and they think that her "handicap" is very cute.. So hopefully someone will fall in love with her next week at the humane society!!! I will try to get a video of her so you can see.

Gia is just a happy, sweet kitten. She's a little on the shy side but warms up to new people very fast. She's a big girl and is well over the 2 lb mark!!

And my Cami girl... *sigh* .... I just love her so much. She's really become part of the family these past few months. She is the sweetest cat and is SO playful! She really, REALLY deserves an amazing home.

Okay... on to the pictures!









Dexter loves "his" kittens. Gemma was trying to climb up onto his bed here, you can see she has two legs up on the bed with him. :)




Gemma attacking Cami's tail!



  1. awwww - we know the perfect family is out there for Gemma. Everyone is adorable - and we love seeing those big boys loving on the kittens. :)

  2. wow, a CH kitty.. I can't help but wonder if something else was going on with poor little Clover..

    I do know several people who have adopted CH kitties and they all say how absolutely wonderful they are. I'm sure Gemma will have a wonderful home because whomever is willing to adopt a kitten with any type of 'special need' is special themselves.

  3. Im sure they will both find very special homes they are absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to miss your blog when you have a break I just love looking and reading about all your ups and downs. I know it has been sad at times, but you have done a wonderful job. Good luck with your wedding oxox

  4. Lindsey,
    Thank you SO much for the update! I know you are super busy so appreciate it. Best of luck with your wedding!

    Your photos are always gorgeous and you do such a great job of raising the kitties. I love the photos with Dexter - he looks like a real sweetie.

  5. Aren't they just SOOOO sweet! The tortie reminds me of my Miss Kitty!

  6. I just found your blog via your post on LoveMeow. I love the pictures of Dexter and the kitties. I hope Gemma finds a wonderful, caring home.

  7. I LOVE the pictures of Dexter with the kittens (they would have made nice additions to the calendar this year at the forum) Can't wait to get some updates on your fosters and your wedding.

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