Friday, July 20, 2012

Sorry about the lack of update!

I've been getting messages from people about my lack of an update and pictures! I'm really sorry, life's been crazy lately. I'm getting married in five weeks so I have tons of stuff I'm having to do with that plus planning the honeymoon.. it's been crazy. The girls are of course still being very spoiled. When I'm home they spend most of their time out of the kitten room, exploring the rest of the house. Cami is happy to be able to roam freely also! She doesn't mind Dexter babysitting the kittens and loves to run around and be a crazy girl.

I'm out of town this weekend photographing a wedding. I promise to update after the weekend's over!


  1. but kittens are so much more important then any silly wedding *snigger*

    I'm going to a wedding for my co-worker in three weeks and she's beside herself with last minutes and whatnots.. I remember that feeling all too well from 20 some odd years ago (OMG, I've been married for that long?? goodness I'm old) that "wait" time, when all the big stuff is done, and you aren't close enough to get into the little stuff..

    Best wishes and I am sure it will come out beautifully, with just one or two story worthy hitches so you can commiserate with other brides after the fact :)

  2. Hi Lindsey, Its Louise/peachnose from the forum. I have only just worked out how to post a comment!!! I have been following your blog for a while now and you really do do an amazing job bringing these little kitties into the world. You are so good with the mama cats too. Dexter obviously loves having them around too.
    I am so sorry you have lost little ones too, this must be so difficult and I totally understand you wanting to give it a break and concentrate on the happiest time of your life.
    I wish you good luck with your wedding on hope you have a fantastic day.
    I do hope you do continue to do what you do so well with the human society too, treasures like you are hard to find.
    Louise, Coco and Snowdrop xxx

  3. I suppose the kittens will be going very soon. Say good-bye to them and give them extra hugs and kisses. I sure missed seeing these two grow.
    But, I know you're busy. I guess it was just bad timing. I hope you decide to continue once you've settled into married life. If not, I really enjoyed watching the first one's grow.
    Have fun on your wedding day.

  4. I agree with Anonymous. I hope you didn't give up on the babies like you gave up on us. They were beautiful and deserving of lovely homes. You're busy, busy, busy. Life is so hard. (Please don't have children.)

    1. Of course I didn't "give up" on the kittens. The kittens have been just as loved as my previous litters. Since I know this is my last litter I've been enjoying them ten times more and spoiling them that much more too.