Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just waiting on the call...

So the kitten room is all set up and I'm just waiting to hear from the shelter when they need me.

I'm switching things up a little bit this time. I've decided to volunteer with a different rescue group than my previous one. The previous one is relocating to an hour away from me, which obviously isn't ideal for fostering. So I am starting with a new one that is again, all cats. They don't have a physical shelter and the kittens are adopted out from their foster homes. They are much bigger than the previous group I was with. Their main advertising is from people seeing them on their FB page and Petfinder, which is great for me since I LOVE to take pictures of my kittens (obviously!). I'm very excited to start fostering with this new shelter!

Also, I just created a Facebook page for the kittens. It is www.facebook.com/lindseysfosterkittens It doesn't have ANY likes yet, so go on and like us! LOL

I haven't decided yet, but I think I will mostly post on there for this new litter. So stay tuned!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Muriel was adopted!

I'm so happy for her!! She was adopted last week after being there for almost a year. Here is what the humane society posted last week on their facebook page (along with the pic of her sticking her tongue out.. ;-) )

"Ok! Everyone, are you ready! MURIEL goes home! Long time resident, boss of all -young and old- has got herself a home of her very own. I'm thinking that secretly she is going to miss all of us. We will miss you Muriel and wish you the very best."

I'm so happy for her!!!! She was adopted from Petsmart by a lady who I guess always comes there to spoil the kitties who are up for adoption, and she fell in love with Muri.

And Stewie and Tucker's mom (previously Artie and Wiley) posted this picture of Stewie on Facebook...

LOL!!!!! That belly! Remember Artie is Muriel's son. He will be turning one this month! He always was the chunkiest of that litter... ;-)

So (finally) all of my past foster kitties have found loving homes. SCORE!

And what that means to me??.... I think I need another mama cat! :-D :-D :-D

Stay tuned!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The girls' farewell post (only 6 months late!)

It's horrible of me to have never concluded the girls' stay with me back in August, but it was especially hard on me bringing them back.. so I put it off. Then my wedding was a couple weeks later + honeymoon + life getting in the way. So I decided to finally do it now, for those of you who remember them and were curious as to what happened with them. :)

The day I brought the girls back was really sad.. I got to the humane society and they obviously were unaware that I was coming to bring them back. It was mid-August which is also prime kitten season time, so they were at full capacity and had to search all over for a room to put Cami and the kittens. They ended up having me bring them across the parking lot to an old vet building that they use to keep cats/kittens that have special needs or are sick. Since Cami had STILL seemed sick to me I had warned the humane society owner and she thought it was a good idea to keep Cami in quarantine until they could have the vet look at her again. This old building was super creepy, all cement walls and floors and old kennels... ugh I was feeling so sad for the girls. A very helpful volunteer set up a room for Cami and the girls and I gave them a blanket from my house and a few of their favorite toys. I said a very tearful goodbye and was on my way home. I cried the whole way! The three of us had really bonded. It was really fun with them because Cami was SUCH a friendly girl and they pretty much had free reign of the house from pretty early on. My other two previous foster mamas didn't like my boy cats so they could only have short supervised visits outside of the kitten room. Cami didn't care at all if the boys babysit Gemma and Gia.

I watched the humane society page every day for weeks, waiting for news of them being adopted. Cami was there for a little over a month. She wasn't available for adoption right away because she was still sick and they were trying to get her feeling better. The first day she was put up for adoption was at a Petco adoption day and she was the first one of the group to be snatched up! I was so happy that I cried when I found out she was adopted. She SO deserved a good, loving home. Here's a picture of her at her new house!
 photo 198661_10151175511099771_337385714_n_zps36855ed4.jpg

The kittens were there for even longer.. :( They weren't adopted until November. I knew it would take longer for Gemma because of her disability. It turns out that she definitely had cerebellar hypoplasia. They kept the girls together and were hoping that they would get adopted together, which they eventually did! I'm very glad about that. Before they were adopted the humane society featured Gemma on their site and wrote this about her: "Every once in a while we are blessed with what we call little bobble babies. What this means is that they have a neurologic disorder which is caused when the mother has been exposed to the distemper virus when she was carrying the babies. These babies don't know their is anything wrong with them and they live long happy lives requring no medical attention at all. This little beauty is one of those babies. She just happens to bobble when she walks. It really is a very cute personality trait. We love these little babies and they become very special to us as we watch them grow."

Here is a video of Cami and the girls. In this video you can really see Gemma playing and bobbling around. Really, she just looked like a super, super clumsy kitten. :)

So with Gemma having the cerebellar hypoplasia then we also knew that Cami had distemper at some point during her pregnancy which also explained her constantly being sick. The poor girl had EVERYTHING wrong with her, I swear! And on top of it all she was the still the sweetest girl.

Okay and the best part is the pictures! Here's pics from our last day.

I always have to take a picture with me and my kitties. :)
 photo DSC_0002_zpsae68662c.jpg

And me and my Cami girl.
 photo DSC_0003_zpsbd59d0dc.jpg

 photo DSC_0011_zps196bb506.jpg

 photo DSC_0013_zps4c01d9f8.jpg

 photo DSC_0039_zps2a08f4af.jpg

(That little tail kills me!)
 photo DSC_0220_zps565c99c9.jpg

 photo DSC_0238-1_zps8e159dea.jpg

 photo DSC_0057-1_zps900e4348.jpg

 photo DSC_0215_zps12ea85a1.jpg

 photo DSC_0073-1_zpsf4c1769d.jpg

 photo DSC_0098-3_zpsc7910413.jpg

The girls were still nursing from Cami when I brought them back! They sure loved there mama, and she loved them.
 photo DSC_0102_zpse9771c13.jpg

Both girls nursing from mama :-)
 photo DSC_0112_zps581461dd.jpg

And Gemma nursing while Cami's sitting up :-)
 photo DSC_0148_zps4aa2573c.jpg

 photo DSC_0348_zps17607c64.jpg

Dexter loved this little family.
 photo DSC_0180_zps3034ae89.jpg

I'm sorry it took me so long to post their update! I'm happy they've all been adopted.

Oh P.S. Muriel (foster mama #2) still hasn't been adopted. :-( She's been at the humane society for a long time now... almost a year I think. I don't know why she hasn't been adopted. She was a little ornery with me sometimes but overall was sweet and purred a lot. Thank goodness the humane society I foster for is no-kill and strives to be cage free. Everytime I've been there she's always just hanging out with the other kitties. She's been to Petco and Petsmart but hasn't found a home yet. So sad. :-( Hopefully she finds a home soon!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The girls are 8 weeks old today.

Once again, I'm sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been too concentrated on spoiling and loving on the girls and of course last minute to-do's for my wedding that I've neglected the blog.

The girls and Cami are doing well. I'm going to be so sad to see them go back next week!! They are big time mama's girls and are actually still nursing from Cami!! She's been such a good mama.

My little Gemma is going to need a very special owner.. She's got a bit of a disability. It sounds like she's got cerebellar hypoplasia. She walks really funny and is very clumsy. I thought she was just a clumsy baby kitten at first, but its obvious that she isn't going to grow out of it. She doesn't know that she's different and is just a happy, playful kitten. She tries to run and ends up hopping, it's so cute! Everyone that's met her is totally smitten with her and they think that her "handicap" is very cute.. So hopefully someone will fall in love with her next week at the humane society!!! I will try to get a video of her so you can see.

Gia is just a happy, sweet kitten. She's a little on the shy side but warms up to new people very fast. She's a big girl and is well over the 2 lb mark!!

And my Cami girl... *sigh* .... I just love her so much. She's really become part of the family these past few months. She is the sweetest cat and is SO playful! She really, REALLY deserves an amazing home.

Okay... on to the pictures!









Dexter loves "his" kittens. Gemma was trying to climb up onto his bed here, you can see she has two legs up on the bed with him. :)




Gemma attacking Cami's tail!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Sorry about the lack of update!

I've been getting messages from people about my lack of an update and pictures! I'm really sorry, life's been crazy lately. I'm getting married in five weeks so I have tons of stuff I'm having to do with that plus planning the honeymoon.. it's been crazy. The girls are of course still being very spoiled. When I'm home they spend most of their time out of the kitten room, exploring the rest of the house. Cami is happy to be able to roam freely also! She doesn't mind Dexter babysitting the kittens and loves to run around and be a crazy girl.

I'm out of town this weekend photographing a wedding. I promise to update after the weekend's over!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Five weeks old!

The girls are five weeks old today! They sure are fun and playful. They've been having fun exploring outside of the kitten room. It's pretty cool because Cami is so laid back that she is happy for the kittens to be outside of the room exploring and meeting the other cats. She's much different than my previous two mamas!!

Here's a zillion pics for you. Gemma was the poser of the day, so they're mostly of her. :)

Pretty mama
















Dexter says, "YES! Babies!!!!"